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Our Vision and Values

Our Purpose

We create the ultimate beverage experience in every life we touch from source to cup – transforming the way the world understands business.

Our Mission

A Keurig® brewer on every counter and a beverage for every occasion.

Our Vision

Become the world’s leading personal beverage systems company.

Our Values

We partner for mutual success
Our boundary less approach to collaboration creates benefits for all.

We innovate with passion
With courage and curiosity, we are shaping the future by redefining the customer experience.

We play to win
Our team sets ambitious goals and meets each challenge with unified purpose and character.

We brew a better world
We use the power of business to make the world a better place.

From Source To Cup

Long before you've taken your first sip, we've been finding and roasting the highest quality coffee in the world while building strong, lasting relationships with the farmers who grow it. That’s not only so you’ll enjoy Green Mountain Coffee® every day, it’s simply the right way to do business. When our customers have the chance to enjoy the freshest, best-tasting coffee around, we know we’ve done a good day’s work.
We often use the phrase, “from source to cup” to describe our approach to business. It’s in our purpose: to create the ultimate beverage experience from source to cup – transforming the way the world understands business. A great cup of coffee begins where the beans are grown, and so we have to be there, too. Our coffee buyers are constantly on the road, visiting farms and getting to know our farmers. We value long-term trade agreements because we know the quality of our coffee is directly related to the quality of the relationships we have with the people who grow it. It’s a high-touch approach. It’s the only way we know.
But not everyone knows the rich life of a cup of coffee as we do. The smart choices that happen on the farm, from growing healthy, productive plants to harvesting and processing the fruit with keen attention and care. The diligent quality testing with our cuppers – experts in the art and science of sensory – once it hits our facilities. The precision process of roasting to exacting standards and trusted recipes. In the end, each step in our process reveals what collaboration can do to create a truly satisfying experience.

Brew The Love

When you pop in a K-Cup® capsule into your Keurig® brewer, what does it brew? Is it coffee? Tea? Hot cocoa or a refreshing fruit brew? Chatting with Keurig fans across the kitchen counter in their homes, it didn’t take us long to realize that it’s brewing so much more than coffee. Through the seamless combination of simplicity, variety, and quality, our consumers tell us the Keurig® brewer experience brings something special.