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The Start of the Brand
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is reimagining how beverages can be created, personalized, and enjoyed, fresh-made in homes and workplaces. We are a personal beverage system company revolutionizing the beverage experience through the power of innovative technology and strategic brand partnerships. Offering more than 70 Keurig® K-Cup® beverage brands and more than 445 beverage varieties to consumers in the United States, our Keurig brewers deliver great taste, convenience, and choice at the push of a button.

The Birth of Green Mountain Coffee®

Thirty-three years ago in the mountains north of Boston, our founder Bob Stiller sat down for a cup of coffee in a restaurant in a small Vermont ski town. He was struck by the unusually great taste of the coffee, having grown up with instant coffee most of his life. Believing that everyone should have access to a great cup of coffee, he set a goal to bring high-quality specialty coffee to a broad audience of coffee fans. With that aim, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters back then) was born.
From the start, Bob adopted the philosophy that the foundation of a great company and great coffee is in relationships — with employees, producers, customers, industry partners, NGOs, and of course, coffee drinkers themselves. One of those long-term relationships has been with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the world’s largest coffee trade association. Comprised of professionals representing all aspects of the specialty coffee industry, from growers, exporters and importers, to equipment and materials manufacturers, to roasters and retailers, the organization offers us the chance to build and strengthen relationships with others in our industry, learn from each other, and identify new ways to collaborate to keep our industry growing and thriving.
We take pride in our work with SCAA. We’re proud to share that Bob Stiller is the recipient of SCAA’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given each year to a person who has made a unique and significant contribution to the specialty coffee industry, resulting in the development and promotion of coffee excellence and sustainability. Bob’s dedication to the industry, his focus on his employees, his support of coffee farmers, and his passion for great coffee distinguished his work for this year’s award.

The Keurig Renovation Begins

It began with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way America started its morning. Tired of drinking poor tasting, weak and stale office coffee, two college roommates turned businessmen began experimenting with creating a single serve machine that could simply and consistently deliver the perfect cup of coffee. Eventually joined by a third engineer, the entrepreneurs worked tirelessly throughout the early 1990s, building prototype after prototype and conducting countless taste tests until initial design nirvana was achieved. They named their brewing system and their company “Keurig”, a word derived from the Dutch word for excellence, and designated each single serve coffee capsule a “K-Cup® capsules”
Keurig Incorporated founders knew offering high-quality, specialty coffee in each K-Cup® capsules would be instrumental in delivering the taste profile consumers wanted and deserved. They approached Green Mountain Coffee Roaster, Inc. (GMCR) throughout their research and development process for assistance with coffee expertise and supply, as well as funding. GMCR invested in the company and became the first roaster to offer coffee in K-Cup® capsules for the Keurig® single cup brewing system. The team then delivered their first commercial Keurig® brewers to offices in 1998.
After a few years of exclusively targeting sales to offices, Keurig executives decided to make this revolutionary brewing system available on kitchen counters. Keurig worked to develop a home model of the Keurig® brewer that could successfully compete with other single serve coffee systems offered in the marketplace. In 2003, Keurig® brewers and K-Cup® capsules were made available in high-end department stores, targeting consumers looking for a new, no-mess or clean-up approach to brewing great tasting coffee from the comfort of their own homes with just one touch of a button.
Realizing the potential of the Keurig® system, GMCR acquired Keurig Incorporated in 2006, officially uniting specialty coffee with the technical expertise that fueled the early success of the platform. The Keurig® system began to quickly resonate with consumers by offering the quality, convenience and beverage choice they desired. GMCR expanded distribution of the Keurig® system, eventually making it available in the specialty retail, department store, grocery, club and direct-to-consumer channels. This strategy of reaching consumers wherever they shopped, fueled by incredible consumer passion for the system, ultimately contributed to the Keurig® brewer becoming the leading single serve platform in the coffee maker category in North America in 2010 – a position it still holds today.

Our Expanding Family of Brands

We know that offering our passionate consumers a vast portfolio of beverage choice and variety is critical in the Keurig® system. In addition to the Keurig® and Green Mountain Coffee® brands, we have a number of other brands that we created and own. But we also believe strongly in personal choice, so we’ve opened up our system to other beverage partners, giving their brands a profitable new means to reach and delight their consumers, as we do ours.
As a result, we now have more than 70 Keurig® K-Cup® brands and more than 445 beverage varieties available to consumers in the U.S. creating perhaps the strongest portfolio of coffee and beverage brands in the U.S. that are united in one system. We want consumers to be able to enjoy the beverages they love, from the system they love, in the way that love it: consistently, simply, and deliciously.

Our Unique Ability

We know that offering a wide selection of quality, beloved brands is critical to the success of the Keurig® system. We take pride in our unique ability to forge partner relationships with those some may consider to be our biggest competition. But that's the idea: we endeavor to satisfy everyone's taste, even if that taste is not our own. With an ever expanding portfolio of Keurig® K-Cup® brands on the shelves in the U.S. we look to expand consumer choice, fuel new excitement for existing Keurig® users, raise system awareness, and attract new consumers to the system. Collaboration that creates mutual success is at our core.