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Keurig Innovation

The Path of Innovation

We’ve blended the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology company with the consumer focus of a socially conscious, premium coffee company to become what Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is today: an innovative, technology and values-based, personal beverage system company.

We've been “transforming the way the world understands business” for over thirty years. With brewer, beverage, and manufacturing expertise under one roof, we have a strategic advantage that supports in-step innovation based on consumer insights. With courage and curiosity, we are shaping the future by redefining the consumer experience. Our core expertise in brewer system technology and beverage science is a true differentiator. Our experienced and highly-trained innovators don’t just focus on improving things, but on capturing the magic of the completely new. We innovate with passion, every day and in everything we do.

Enables us to design an integrated system

Tireless Learning and Innovation

Real innovation and creativity happens when people with different areas of expertise and points of view work together to solve the same problem. Thankfully, at Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. we have, and continually seek out, just that: broad talent and diversified skill sets to innovate at the intersection of our business and our consumer. With an estimated 460 scientists and engineers on our team by the end of FY 2014, our R&D, technology, and engineering teams are entrepreneurial in approach and creative in spirit.
Harnessing the strength of the many minds and bodies that come together to create at our company, we established our first EPC, or Early Production Center, in our Waterbury, Vermont, USA facility in 2013. The EPC is a learning and innovation center where new production technology is tested and perfected before wide-spread deployment. The EPC process brings together engineers, production experts, quality specialists, food scientists, and R&D personnel from Keurig Green Mountain sites and locations across North America. And because of the success of our first center, we are in the process of creating a second EPC in Williston, Vermont, USA for Keurig® KOLD™ as we work to bring this new product to consumers in our 2015 fiscal year.