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No.1 Coffee Brewer Brand in the U.S.
Keurig® New
Coffee Brewer K38

The best-selling coffee brewer from July 2014 to June 2015 (NPD) in the U.S.
Keurig®, is now available in Korea. No matter what you love to drink - coffee,
tea, hot chocolate - Keurig® gives you everything you want.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Hollys
Coffee, and Others. Enjoy Coffee
from Beloved Brands at Home!

Differentiating itself from all the other existing
coffee machines, Keurig® allows you to enjoy coffee, tea, and
hot chocolate of your favorite brands at home. Enjoy your time
at your own home café with Keurig®, as if in a premium café.

Coffee & More,
A Perfect Brewer for Any Kind of
Beverage, Keurig®!

When you are in the mood for a rich flavored
cup of coffee with a sweet aroma, when you want to relax with
a warm, gentle cup of tea, when you want to boost your mood
with a cup of sweet hot chocolate, when you want to have some
quality time with your family and friends, Keurig® brewer can
serve you a great cup of beverage for any occasion.

A Perfect Cup of Coffee,
Experience the Rich Flavor of
Drip Coffee with Ease!

We planted the rich flavor of drip-brewed
coffee in each of our K-Cup® capsules. Keurig® brewer
delivers the richest, most aromatic cup of coffee to you.
You can enjoy the highest quality of coffee that features
the best taste, aroma, and freshness.

Choose a K-Cup® Capsule and
Press the Button! A Single
Touch That Brings Happiness

Choose a capsule that suits your mood from
the variety of brands and flavors that are provided.
You can indulge in the full body of rich-flavored coffee with
a small cup, or enjoy your spare time with a cup of coffee in
a big mug. Bring happiness to your life at the touch of a button.
  • Choose

    The joy of choosing a desired
    beverage from popular brands
  • Brew

    A perfect cup of drip coffee
    with a freshly-roasted aroma
  • Love

    Love and happiness shared
    with beloved people around you
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360° VIEW

New Coffee Brewer, Keurig® K38

  • Just choose what
    you want to drink!

    A variety of K-Cup® capsules
    available from popular brands
    such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®,
    Hollys Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee®, Barista Prima Coffeehouse, etc.
  • Available in
    3 stylish and chic colors!

    Premium black, refined silver, appealing red
  • Adjust water levels at
    the touch of a button!

    Choose from the 2 cup sizes
    when brewing coffee or tea.
    For hot chocolate,
    use the designated button.
  • Use and clean with ease!

    Easy brewing that doesn’t require
    measuring or grinding.
    Easy cleaning that takes
    no more than 1 minute.

The 3 Steps to Enjoy Keurig® Brewers

  • STEP 01

    Place a mug on the Drip Tray.
  • STEP 02

    Open the lever of the machine,
    place a K-Cup® capsule firmly
    in the capsule holder and
    lower the lever.
  • STEP 03-1

    Press button according
    to the choice of your beverage
    (coffee & tea)
    Press the flashing Brew
    Size button to brew.
  • STEP 03-2

    Press button according
    to the choice of your beverage
    (hot chocolate)
    Press the HOT CHOCO button
    and wait for the Button to turn green.
    Press the flashing Brew Size button to brew.

The No. 1 coffee machine brand in the U.S.
Why is Keurig® beloved by so many people?

Does everyone in the United States really know
about Keurig®? Do people in Korea, who used to live in the U.S.,
really miss Keurig® brewers? Keurig®, a brand that provides an
exclusive value beyond that of existing coffee machines.
Check out the stories behind Keurig®.
Keurig Brand Story