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Keurig® Brewers

Keurig® K150KR
Commercial Brewing System

Please enjoy various beverages
of the most popular brands in US with Keurig®
K150KR Commercial Brewing System!
  • Choose a K-Cup® Capsule and
    Press the Button! A Single Touch That Brings Happiness

    The Keurig® K150KR Commercial Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee,
    tea or hot cocoa as well as iced beverages in under three minutes at the touch of a button.
    Now everyone can brew what they love. This fully programmable brewer has an interactive
    touch-screen that allows you to program the brew temperature, to set Auto On/Off,
    and to set your language preference to English, Spanish, or French. The K150KR brewer offers a choice
    of five cup sizes, a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs, and a drainable internal hot water
    and for transport or storage. This brewer is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (*NSF)
    for use in foodservice outlets.

  • NSF(National Sanitation Foundation)

    The most authoritative water related certification mark issued by
    the American Society of Hygiene who is the internationally recognized authority.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) designated NSF as an official
    testing laboratory for drinking water and water purifier.

Main Functions of K150KR

Programming Brew Temperature

The brew temperature is pre-set at 89° C
You do not have to program the brew temperature
but you can adjust it up or down by 1°

Programming Your Brew Size

Five brew sizes are available
120ml, 180ml, 240ml, 300ml and 350ml.
To program the brew sizes refer to page 10.


The brewer should be descaled every
3-6 months to ensure optimal performance.

Automatic On/Off Function

Auto OFF function allows to set automatic
power off 14 hours After Last Brew

video K150KR Video

How to Use Keurig® K150KR

  • STEP 01

    Remove adhesive tape
    and LCD screen protection label.

  • STEP 02

    Unwrap cord and plug
    into grounded outlet.

  • STEP 03

    Carefully remove
    Water Reservoir Lid.

  • STEP 04

    Remove Water Reservoir by
    lifting up and away from brewer.

  • STEP 05

    Rinse Water Revervoir,
    then completely
    fill with water.
    Bottled or filtered water
    is recommended.

  • STEP 06

    Return Water Reservoir and Lid to
    brewer place mug on Drip Tray.

  • STEP 07

    Press Power button.

  • STEP 08

    Wait until the screen indicates "READY"

  • STEP 09

    Lift and lower the Handle. Press the
    flashing BREW button.

  • STEP 10

    Once mug is filled, discard
    hot water.

  • STEP 11

    Lift the Handle.

  • STEP 12

    Place chosen K-Cup® pod into the K-Cup®
    Pod Assembly Housing. Caution: Avoid the sharp
    needles in the K-Cup® Pod Assembly Housing.

    Lower the Handle.

  • STEP 13

    Press the appropriate cup size: 4oz.,
    6oz., 8oz. or 12oz. Then press
    the flashing BREW button.

  • STEP 14


Highlights of K150KR
  • Energy-
    saving mode

  • Automatic
    on/off function

  • Brewer speed-
    brews in under
    3 minutes

  • Quiet brew

  • Rewovable Water
    Reservoir with
    90oz of its maximum

  • Programmable

  • Adjustable

  • Multilingual
    brewer instructions

  • NSF certified

Usage Commercial and household Power / Voltage 14,000w/120VAC
Weight 8.16kg Dimensions 13,9"H x 14.O"D x 10,4"W