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  • Cafe ‘63 Roast

    Our Café ’63 Roast presents the smooth,
    light-bodied taste and fruity aroma we’ve been
    known for since we opened our first café in
  • Costa Rica

    Our Costa Rica coffee comes from the finest
    high-altitude farms, where the unique climate
    and rich soils produce coffees that exhibit a
    bright, clean taste. With its balanced, crisp flavor
    and fragrant aroma, this medium-bodied coffee is a customer favorite in our cafés.
  • Breakfast Blend

    An eye-opener as delightful as the dawn itself. Clean and bright, with balanced sweetness, nutty flavor, and a silky mouthfeel.
  • Colombian

    Roasted almonds & black cherry aroma, medium body, clean finish, cherries & dark chocolate
  • Espresso
    Rainforest Blend

    Tea rose/floral & cherry aroma, with dark
    chocolate, coffee pulp flavor, dark fruit,
    cherry-infused chocolate, toasted almonds.
  • Breakfast Blend

    Balanced, sweet, and inviting. Breakfast Blend
    is one of our most popular blends. Bright, sweet, and engaging, it's our favorite way to start the
  • Kenya

    An excellent introduction to African coffees. Our Kenyan is fruity and winey, with medium to heavy body and a rich blackberry finish.
  • Americano

    Here is a bold brew for those who love the
    intense and complex flavor of a European-style espresso. Full-bodied with soft, woody, and
    bittersweet chocolatey notes.
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